The Best Programming Languages For Mobile App Development

We may have no idea how many times we check our smartphones every day?

The answer is stupendous 86 times in a day. The reason we may be so addicted could be the sensory experience our phones provide on a day-to-day basis. How? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and so much more to keep us glued to mobile phones.

Long story cut short, mobile apps are a crucial aspect of our everyday lives. They are used to build connections, get information and have fun. Creating a mobile phone app can also be great fun, all it needs is a little guidance especially in the area of selecting a good programming language.

This article will give you information on the best programming languages needed for mobile app development (androids).

What language should you choose?

Java is used as androids’ official language. However, other languages can be utilized for app development in Androids. Here are a few details that can make sure you make a good decision.


Java is the most drained language for app development for Android. Most apps that are on the play store have been created with Java. It is extensively supported by Google. Additionally, it has a vast online community. They support when problems arise.

Having said that, it is an intricate language. For someone who is a beginner, it comprises complex topics such as concurrency, checked exceptions and constructors, etc. The Android SDK (Software Development kit) enhances the intricacy.

Overall, it is an outstanding language. It helps you enjoy the app development of android fully. However, it is a bit complex for beginners. They should prefer starting with something much easier and come to Java maybe later.


Google has declared Kotlin as the new official language for androids since 2019. It is a programming language utilized as a substitute for Java. It is often referred to as the second Java language. It can interoperate alongside Java. It functions on the virtual machine of Java.

The only big disparity is that it eliminates the unnecessary characteristics of Java, like the null pointer. It is also not necessary that you end every line using a semicolon. That makes it simpler for newbies. This may be why you see a lot of mobile app games being developed with Kotin. However, it is not just for newbies as some of the best free sex apps utilize it to develop their platforms that allow you to find a local fuck in your city. These are complicated applications with complex functions.


It is used for app development in androids using NDK (Native Development Kit). However, creating an app can not be done by using C++ alone. The NDK is utilized to execute portions of the app in native code. This assists in utilizing the C++ code library as needed by the app.

This programming language is very useful in app development for androids however in a few cases it may be impossible to set up. It is not very flexible. It leads to bugs because of more complexity. Java in comparison to C++ is better. It may not procure sufficient profit to counteract the efforts needed.


Android may not support the native development of Python. It can still be used for app development in android. A lot of tools are used to transform Python apps to Android batches that are capable of running on these devices.

For instance, Kivy is open source. It is a Python library that is utilized for creating mobile apps. It can support Android. It also facilitates fast app development. However, a major drawback is that there will be no native advantages for Kivy since it is not supported natively.