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5 New Programming Languages To Learn

Are you interested in a career in computer sciences? The demand for software developers and programmers is only growing day by day. It is one of the most lucrative careers of this era and most people are attracted to it. Whether you are new to this field or already software developers looking to enhance your skills, the following article can help you. Many new programming languages are coming up and it will be very helpful if you keep yourself updated with the latest. Try to choose a language based on its popularity, job prospects, salary offered, and also the difficulty level.


This is one of the languages that will have prominence in 2021 and beyond. We have the previous version, the Python2 but this is the latest, i.e version 3. This has many differences from the previous version. Python is an easy-to-use language due to its Syntax being inbuilt. We all know machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are fields of the future and python finds its use in all these thereby making it a compulsory learn. It is a good support option for people looking for career opportunities in data sciences. It has ML libraries like Pandas and Scikit-Learn that are very popular. Not only is Python useful in ML, but also in various other fields. They are software development, backend development, mobile apps, web development, and writing system scripts.


This language was developed as an upgrade for Java. Kotlin is widely used in web application development, Android app development, server-side app development, and desktop apps. People interested to pursue their careers in these fields can learn this language for betterment. Most of Google’s applications are developed using Kotlin. Pinterest and Coursera are popular companies that use this language. This is very user-friendly, also compatible with Java, and is preferred by many to learn in 2021.


It is a very popular programming language and its presence has been seen over many years now. Its use over the years speaks about its popularity and its demand. All distributed systems can use Java as a programming language. Web development, big data, and app development are some fields where we can see Java being used. The IT and the banking sector are mostly dependent on Java for their programming. Even in 2021 Java is in demand and is useful for Android development. The reason for this is its memory and performance.


This is also a popular programming language of the internet. This language is used for web development. The dynamics that are seen on the internet are due to the use of this Javascript. Most things on the internet are created using this language. It is very good to learn this in 2021 as it is used by most companies to design the web. React, Vue, and Node are the libraries that are based on Javascript. It is comparatively easy to learn if you want to become a front-end developer.


This programming language has been designed by Apple for its iOS applications. We all know the popularity of iOS-based devices and this makes Swift a must-learn in 2021. This is a go-to language for mobile developers as it is easy and supports everything. The syntax for this language is easy and clean. IBM swift sandbox, IBM bluemix also uses Swift. The main feature of this language is safety and performance go together here. It is a user-friendly language and is considered enjoyable writing codes for the same. Since it is much new it is constantly evolving with new features. The standard library has been created keeping in mind the performance.

It would be a good idea to know about the following too in the year 2021.

  • Go- Developed by Google as a core language it is based on C languages. If you would like to work in systems programming, this is a good language to choose to learn. Though it is based on C and C++, it eliminates the complicated syntax present in these and is user-friendly. Machine learning, creating a web server, can be done using this language.
  • Elm- The elm programming language operates in coordination with Javascript and so is suitable for creating UIs with the least errors. It is a functional programming language and supports client frameworks.
  • Typescript- It is an open-source framework developed based on Javascript and it extends the functionality of the same. It is easy and has a big array of toolkits to increase the speed.

Learning one or more of the above and being in tune with the present trend in coding and development, can help you rise up in your career.